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Story Party

Elena came to school last week and held a ‘Story Party’ for us based on 2 books – Stick Man by Julia Donaldson and ‘Pick a Pine Tree’ by Patricia Toht. During the party she read the stories, played games with the children related to the stories and brought the stories to life through her activities. The children were enthralled. She even dressed Mrs McWeeny up as a Christmas Tree at the end of the party and the children hung their decorated baubles on that they had made during the party. I think ‘Stick Man’ and ‘Pick a Pine Tree’ will be favourite stories of the Reception Children for a long time to come.

New Library

The Reception children went to look at the new Library on it’s opening day. They were very excited to see all the new books and the toys that go with them. They are looking forward to borrowing some of the books to look at in our classroom before returning them to the Library. Continue Reading

Christmas Cakes

The Reception children are getting into the Christmas spirit by making Christmas cakes. They were fascinated by watching the scales move as we added ingredients to the mixture. They enjoyed looking at and smelling some of the less familiar ingredients like the cherries, peel and Christmas spices. They each had a turn to mix and… Continue Reading

The 3 Bears at Christmas

The Reception and Nursery children visited Northern Stage today to watch a performance of ‘The 3 Bears at Christmas’. The children LOVED the performance from beginning to end. They watched carefully, listened attentively and joined in the songs and actions enthusiastically. A great opportunity for the children to develop their listening and attention skills as… Continue Reading

Visit to Church

The Reception children went to visit St Lawrence’s Church today. They were very interested in all the different statues and pictures around church and asked lots of interesting questions. We also used the opportunity to finish our topic about Baptism by pretending to baptise Jess, our class toy. The children took the roles of parents… Continue Reading

Seven Stories

The Reception children enjoyed a workshop at the National Children’s Book Centre just down the hill at the Ouseburn. We looked around the exhibition called Time for Bed with Tom our guide before taking part in a workshop based on a book we had read at school called Anna Hibiscus Song. It is a book… Continue Reading


The Reception children have been reading the ‘Funnybones’ stories written by Alan Ahlberg. They went outside to try to create their own skeletons using twigs and leaves to be the ‘bones’. Unfortunately the wind kept blowing their fantastic skeletons away – so the children used the chalk to try and draw their own skeletons. IMG_6730 Continue Reading

Remembrance Day

The children in Reception found out about Remembrance Day and why people wear poppies at this time of year. They made their own poppy pictures to help mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Continue Reading