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Year 5 Class Liturgy- Ourselves



The children planned our class liturgy yesterday and we held it in the hall this afternoon. For the first part of the liturgy; Gather, we gathered in a circle around a focal point that included photographs of all of the children. We reflected on who we are and the gifts and talents we have. We know we are special because we are made in the image and likeness of God. The children shared some of the work they have covered throughout this topic.

During the next part of the liturgy; the Word, we listened to the scripture from Colossians 3: 10-11. In it we are told that God made us all just to be like God and that we are God’s children.

For our Response to the word, the third section of the liturgy, the children chose to sing ‘If I were a butterfly’ as they thought the words about thanking God for making me me were relevant to our topic.

We finished our liturgy by thinking about Going Forth. We all reflected on our talents and qualities and shared these as we passed a candle around the circle. We ended our time of prayer together by praising God who made us all to be like God.

Welcome to Year 5!

Year 5 had a fantastic first day yesterday. The children quickly settled into their new class. We started by discussing what we want our Golden Rules to be. A favourite of mine is ‘Show kindness, tolerance and respect in everything we do and treat others as you want to be treated!’ The children then took part… Continue Reading

Year 5 Class Liturgy

Year 5 had their last class liturgy this morning. It was lovely to see lots of parents, who came along to support the children. The children planned the four parts of the liturgy: Gather, The Word, Response and Going Forth. They had lots of lovely ideas about how to share our learning from our Stewardship topic. We… Continue Reading

Y5 @ Broomley Grange

As part of the class end of year dojo reward, Year 5 spent the day at Broomley Grange yesterday. What an amazing experience! We started the day off with a tug of war. The children then got to further test their strength and stamina on an obstacle course. They also flew through the air on a zip… Continue Reading

Y5 Visit to St Mary’s

Year 5 had a fantastic day at St Mary’s on Tuesday. First of all, the children took part in a Q & A session with some Year 7 boys, who are almost at the end of their first year. They found out all about life at St Mary’s: what the lessons are like, the times… Continue Reading

A Day at the Farm

On Wednesday 21st March, Year 5 visited Matfen Farm. First we went to the sheep farm, where all of the pregnant ewes were ready for lambing. We were lucky enough to see three lambs being born, with the help of Matthew the shepherd. It was amazing seeing the tiny lambs take their first steps after only a few… Continue Reading

Year 5’s Godly Play

On Tuesday 20th March the children took part in a Godly Play session with Mrs Cooper. After greeting the children, she began by telling them the story of the Good Shepherd, which linked to our topic of Memorial Sacrifice. The children did a lot of wondering and asked and answered questions throughout. They were then… Continue Reading

Les Miserables at St Mary’s

Year 5 were lucky enough to be invited to St Mary’s Secondary School to watch their production of Les Miserables. The children, along with other local primary schools, got to see the premiere performance. The show was amazing and the singing was fantastic! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We can highly recommend going… Continue Reading

Year 5’s Prayer Spaces

On Monday 19th March, Year 5 attended a session in Prayer Spaces, run for the school by the Vineyard Church. The children were able to take part in many interesting activities around the theme of the Good Shepherd. We started by singing a song together then the children chose the activity they wanted to participate… Continue Reading

Year 5 Liturgy; Hope

Today Year 5 celebrated a class Liturgy called Hope. Advent is a time of hope. We wait in joyful hope for the coming of the Messiah into our lives on Christmas day. The children reflected on their hopes this Advent and shared them during our liturgy. Their prayers included…..’I hope that my family have a… Continue Reading