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Fairytale Reading and Writing in Year 3 – Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne.

In Year 3, we have been enjoying reading Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne. We split the story into three parts; the beginning, the middle and the ending. We have discussed in small groups the features of a fairytale and how Browne’s version also includes these conventions.
Over this topic, we have developed our skills at using story mountains and maps to develop story sequencing. It is often tricky to remember the order of events in a fairytale, but we have used this approach in our planning to collate and order our ideas.
We have also retold sections of the story using drama. Children have had opportunities to play some of the key characters; Hansel, Gretel, Father, Stepmother (also the Witch) and Narrator. We firstly planned which pieces of language from the text we wanted to include and then performed in groups in front of the class. We enjoyed linking the parts of the story together
We have also been thinking about voicing our ideas through a debate. We have split into Team Hansel and Team Gretel to debate and decide which character can be regarded as the ultimate hero of the story. We evaluate arguments for and against each character using evidence from the text. Children then presented their debate and made their own decision.
As a result, children have planned and written retelling of this fabulous story including a beginning and middle. We hope to complete the ending of the story next week.

School Choir and Orchestra spread Christmas joy to residents of St Joseph’s.

On Wednesday 11th December, children from Year 4, 5 and 6 entertained residents of St Joseph’s retirement home. We have visited the home in the summer term and spring term and it was a pleasure as always to be back. Miss McDonnell conducted the school orchestra which consists of children in Year 4, 5 and… Continue Reading

Year 1’s Environmental Art

As part of their Science work in Year 1 the children have been observing changes in the seasons. After collecting different kinds of fallen leaves from the trees in our school playground, the children went on to create hedgehog pictures using the leaves that they had collected as the hedgehog’s spikes. They were very pleased with the… Continue Reading

Music of the future from Year 6

Year 6 had an incredible time creating their own music with instruments from around the world – thanks to a series of apps on their ipads. The pupils were able to compose, improvise and design using a huge range of software instruments, synthesisers, and digital audio workstations. Thanks to visiting teachers from North East-based Music… Continue Reading

Year 4 at the Laing

As part of our Autumn art topic, we visited the Laing Art Gallery for a printing workshop. We started by looking around one of the galleries for inspiration. We looked for anything that we thought represented autumn in the pictures. We found leaves, plants, trees, fruit as well as abstract images and colours. After that,… Continue Reading