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Easter Hat Parade

On Monday at our Liturgy we had remembered the sad part about Easter when Jesus died on the cross. Today we were focussed on the joyous side of Easter with our Easter Hat Parade. The Nursery and Reception children performed some Easter and Spring songs for their parents and families  before showing of their Easter Hats on the cat walk!

Early Years Liturgy

The  children  came together in the hall to celebrate the work that they have been doing on ‘Growing’ during Lent. The Nursery children brought signs of new life with them to add to the central display and the Reception children told us about the different ways they can grow in God’s love and what promises… Continue Reading

Celebration Liturgy

The Nursery and Reception children joined together for a Liturgy to mark the end of their RE topic about Celebrations. We talked about the different types of celebrations the children have witnessed – like Birthdays and Christmas. We thought about what things are needed to have a celebration – like music, and party food, decorations… Continue Reading

Nursery Liturgy

Nursery parents were treated to seeing how well their children have settled into Nursery when they were invited to come and join them at their end of term Liturgy. The children were over-awed to see their families in Nursery, but began to join in a little bit. Here they are singing their good night prayer with… Continue Reading

Nursery Liturgy

Nursery Liturgy

At the end of half term Nursery Parents were invited to share a short Liturgy with the children, celebrating their first half term in school. The children were very excited that their parents were able to stay with them in Nursery – they were a little over whelmed! Here they are singing their good night… Continue Reading

Nursery here we come!

Mrs Russell & Mrs Russell have enjoyed getting to know all the new Nursery children & their families over the last few days when they visited them at home. The children were excited to come to visit Nursery & shared a school dinner with their families. Now the children have visited the Nursery a few… Continue Reading