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Making Smoothies

The Reception class have been talking about healthy foods and they know that eating fruit and vegetables is a healthy option and that milk helps our bones strong. They were very excited to help make banana and strawberry smoothies and enjoyed tasting them. 

Ouseburn Farm

The Reception children had a lovely morning at the farm. They helped let the sheep out into the fields, fed the hens, sheep, horses and pigs. We also had chance to find out about some different animals – snakes, geckos and tortoises – not your usual farm animals but very interesting nevertheless! Continue Reading

Thank you Mr Brown!

Mr Brown was delighted to hear that  the Reception children had earned their 10 smiley faces so they could ALL go on the trip to  Ouseburn Farm. He was even more pleased to hear that the trip had been successful and that the children had risen to the occasion and behaved well throughout the morning.… Continue Reading

Easter Hat Parade

On Monday at our Liturgy we had remembered the sad part about Easter when Jesus died on the cross. Today we were focussed on the joyous side of Easter with our Easter Hat Parade. The Nursery and Reception children performed some Easter and Spring songs for their parents and families  before showing of their Easter… Continue Reading

Chinese New Year Workshop

The Reception children took part in a Chinese New Year workshop today. Paddy from the Durmam Museum service came and worked with us. He brought costumes for us to dress up in to retell the story of the Great Race which is how the years of the Chinese Zodiac are named after different animals according… Continue Reading

Godly Play

Mrs Cooper came to tell us a Godly Play story today. We divided into 2 groups and each group had a different story. One story was about the Holy Family and the other one was about Easter. The children sat and listened intently and then took turns to talk about the parts of the story… Continue Reading

Early Years Liturgy

The  children  came together in the hall to celebrate the work that they have been doing on ‘Growing’ during Lent. The Nursery children brought signs of new life with them to add to the central display and the Reception children told us about the different ways they can grow in God’s love and what promises… Continue Reading