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Tea Party preparation!

The Reception children are looking forward to the Tea Party on Thursday. They made chocolate crispies this morning – yummy. The children were very enthusiastic about the mixing and stirring. Filling the cup cases was a bit of a challenge at times!

British Values Week

Year 2, 1 and Reception joined together today to share some of the work which they have done in British Values Week. Year 2 looked at the Value of Respect and looked at ways of respecting ourselves, others, the school and our environment. Each child made an information poster about Respect. Reception and Year 1… Continue Reading

The arrival of Afternoon Acorns!

Today was the start of our newly formed Early Years Unit – affectionately known as ‘Afternoon Acorns’ .The children were very excited to be able to use the resources inside and outside and also enjoyed time in their ‘family group’ too. We’re all looking forward to having another turn tomorrow. Continue Reading

P is for pizza!

We have been finding out about the ‘p’ phoneme this week – but by far the tastiest thing we found was that PIZZA begins with a ‘p’! We made our own pizza and chose the toppings we wanted to put on. Delicious!! Continue Reading

t for toast!

Today the children have been finding out about the phoneme ‘t’. We know that the words turtle, table, tiger, and two all start with the same letter sound (phoneme) ‘t’. But working out that ‘toast’ begins with a ‘t’ is even more ‘tasty’! Luckily the power cut was over by the time we were ready… Continue Reading

Using our hands

The children in Reception have been thinking about different things we can do with our hands. Today we used our hands to squish and squash the clay. We really had to use our muscles to mould the clay into the shapes we wanted! Continue Reading


During Safety Week the Reception children learned how to keep themselves safe from germs by washing their hands carefully. Joanne from the School Health team came and taught us to wash our hands After going to the toilet After stroking pets Before eating a meal When they are dirty from playing After coughing or sneezing… Continue Reading

Reading stories

The Buddies came and spent some time with us on Thursday reading stories.  The older children showed them how to hold books correctly and to turn the pages carefully, they showed them the pictures and pointed to the words as they read – all good skills for the Reception children to see. The Reception children LOVE… Continue Reading

Our First PE lesson!

Mr Stephenson was very impressed with the Reception class today. It was our first PE lesson but the children listened really carefully to the instructions and used their bodies to play the ‘Zookeeper Game’ and a ‘Traffic Light’ game. Well done Reception! Continue Reading