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School Uniform

Please find below information about our school uniform.

Our school uniform is as follows:

  • Navy blue jumper, navy blue cardigan or navy blue sweatshirt (with or without the school logo).
  • Blue polo shirt (with or without the school logo).
  • Black, dark grey or navy trousers; or black, dark grey or navy skirt.
  • Short grey or black trousers (optional during the summer term).
  • Skirt length should be on or below the knee. The style of skirt should not hug the figure.
  • Blue / white checked dresses (optional during the summer term).


  • All black school shoes or black trainers. Heels are not considered suitable.
  • Socks / tights – white, black, grey or navy-blue socks (dark socks with trousers); navy blue, grey or black plain opaque tights. Grey, patterned or lacy tights are not permitted.


  • An optional navy blue school book bag (with or without the school logo).
  • Joggers and leggings are not part of our school uniform and should only be worn on PE days.

Children should come to school in their PE kit on PE days (Thursday or Friday). Our PE kit is as follows:

  • White t-shirt (with or without the school logo).
  • Navy blue PE hoody or school jumper / cardigan (with or without the school logo).
  • Dark (navy blue/black) shorts, dark navy / black tracksuit trousers or plain navy blue, black sports leggings (without any “sports” branding or corporate logo).
  • Black plimsolls for indoors.
  • Trainers for outdoors.
  • No football strips are to be worn for PE.

Swimming kit (for KS2 children)

  • A suitably sized towel
  • Girls – swimming costume (no bikinis)
  • Boys – swimming shorts (not below the knee)

Where to buy

School uniform which contain the school logo can be purchased from


Plain items without the school logo, (such as trousers, jumpers, skirts, t-shirts, PE kit etc) may be purchased either from any major store or supermarket providing that they closely match the colour requirements listed above.

You can also purchase some pre-loved items of uniform, including shoes and coats, directly from school using the website www.uniformd.co.uk/stlawrencescatholicprimary