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The Reception class have been finding out about the sacrament of Baptism. We talked about what happens during a Baptism in class and found out that a Baptism is part of welcoming someone into God’s Family. We went down to church to see where a Baptism would take place and took Sammy – the class pet to be baptised. Some children were the Mum and Dad, others were the Godparents. Mrs McWeeny was Fr Rooke and put some water on Sammy’s head with a shell whilst saying the prayer. The Godmother wrapped Sammy in a white blanket and the Godfather held the candle – just like in a real Baptism. We all clapped to show how happy we were that Sammy had been welcomed into God’s Family.

Once we had finished the Baptism, the children looked around the church. They were very interested in all the different statues around the Church and asked lots of questions. Before we left we sat together on the Altar to say a prayer and sing a Hymn.

Thank you Fr Rooke for letting us come and visit the church.

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