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Year 5 Class Liturgy

Year 5 had their last class liturgy this morning. It was lovely to see lots of parents, who came along to support the children. The children planned the four parts of the liturgy: Gather, The Word, Response and Going Forth. They had lots of lovely ideas about how to share our learning from our Stewardship topic. We have been learning that often, the word ‘stewardship’ is used to refer to a responsibility to take care of something that is owned by someone else. We found out that ‘sustainability’ means taking into account the impact that our choices will have on other people, future generations and on the earth that nourishes us.

We gathered together in the hall and listened to prayers written by the children. They also shared some of the posters they had designed in class about caring for the earth. The children then read the scripture from Genesis 1: 1 -25 In the Beginning. This scripture tells us all about how God made the earth and everything in it. We then shared a lovely prayer called ‘Walk Lightly’ that reminds us of the precious gifts God has given us and how we are responsible for looking after them.

The children then responded with a beautiful liturgical dance. We chose a piece of music called My Lighthouse because God is our lighthouse, shining his light for all to see. We remembered how God created the world and everything in it. We are stewards of his creation and we look up to his light to show us his love and guidance.

The children finished the liturgy by giving their parents a leaf on which they had written a promise that they will try to keep over the summer holidays. The promise is a way in which they will try to care for God’s earth.

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