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First Communion Preparations 2023

The children who are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist are showing real dedication in their preparation in school and in church.

This week we have looked the theme of; Do This In Memory of Me

We  talked about;

The close relationship that we have with Jesus when we receive Holy Communion.

How we prepare to receive Holy Communion at Mass.

The importance of each prayer at this part of the Mass.

How the Last Supper was the first Mass and that we celebrate Mass now because Jesus asked us to.

The priest does everything that Jesus did.


The children all made a praying hand prayer card and inside they wrote a prayer to show how they can move closer to Jesus at this special time. The children attended mass with their families and brought down their prayers during the offertory procession. They shared their prayers with the congregation. This is such a special time and we look forward to the rest of the Sacramental preparation time and to receiving the Sacrament in May.

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