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Where’s Spot? Writing in Reception






In Reception the children are just beginning to use their knowledge of phonics and Tricky Words in their writing. We used the ‘Where’s Spot’ story to base our work around because it is a story very familiar to the children and it is very repetitive. Initially we read and enjoyed the story and thought of words that rhyme with ‘dog’










Next we chose different animals from the Where’s Spot story and tried to label them. It was quite easy to hear what phoneme the animal began with but sometimes it is harder to hear the phonemes in the middle and end of a word. Some children still need lots of support in this area but we encourage them to write down the phonemes that they can hear – even if it means the word isn’t necessarily correctly spelt – phonetic spelling as it is called is fine at this stage.










Finally we wrote our own ‘Where’s Spot’ books. We thought of different places where spot could be hiding and different animals to be hiding there. Writing even a simple sentence at this stage is hard work – there is so much to think about – where to start on the page, leaving spaces in between words, knowing which letter is linked to each phoneme and then knowing how to form it – all before you start to think about what to write and how to spell it! The children were all proud of their books and loved reading them to themselves and their friends.

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