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Snow Instructions for Children from Mr Brown

Dear children
I know that today (Friday) will be your second snow day this week. We hardly ever close for snow and we have only closed once before for a snow day and certainly have not in my four years here. I can’t remember such bad snow for seven years and in seven years time many of you won’t be at our school and some of you will be 18.
So I thought we’d better set some homework for you to do in case you get bored. Please read this list carefully – you can do as many of these as you are able. Of course, you may already have completed some of these tasks this week already. 

So here goes:
1. Wrap up warm
2. Make some snowballs .
3. Throw some snowballs (careful,now!)
4. Build a snowman, snow woman, snow dog or igloo.
5. Slide down a hill on a sledge . Or a tea tray. Or a black bin liner . Then have a race.
6. Laugh so much your tummy hurts!
7. Have some hot chocolate
8. Curl up with someone from your family or your teddy or your pet and enjoy a story.
9. Ask an adult to post a photo of you doing your homework here.
10. Tidy your bedroom – well, you’ve got lots of time!


See you on Monday
Mr Brown




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