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Prayer Spaces

Year 5 and their families were lucky enough to be invited to take part in Prayer Spaces this week.  The theme of the session was swapping; we asked God to help us swap bad for good.  We began the session with a song about trading our sorrows and sadness for joy and happiness, which is given to all of us by God.

Then we took part in a range of activities all around the theme of swapping.  We stood on wobble boards and considered the things that unsettle or worry us, then stood on the firm floor and were reminded that God is strong and can help us through those times.  We decorated paper plates, one side with a sad face and one with a happy face to symbolise how we can ask God to turn our sadness into joy.  We also wrote down things we may have done wrong and we wanted to say sorry to God for, which we then swapped for something amazing that God feels about us.

We had a great morning and it reminded us no matter what we do, God will always forgive us and love us!




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