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Y6 Leavers’ Liturgy

Today we held a small ‘socially distanced’ Liturgy in school, to celebrate out time at St Lawrence’s.  We laid all our names, including those of the children who are not currently attending school, around our focal area and Father Shaun blessed each and everyone of us.

It’s important to reflect on our time at St Lawrence’s, to ‘stop and think’ then look forward to the changes ahead.

Our lives are marked forever by those we meet; the friendships we make and the love we experience, the quarrels and the reconciliations, the work we have tried to do together for each other and for those less fortunate. All of this has given us something that will last, as we journey on from St Lawrence’s.

Here are the bidding prayers from our Liturgy:

We pray for ourselves Lord.  Please keep guiding us on our journey through Secondary school.

We pray for our classmates who are not with us here today.  Give them strength and courage to move onto the next stage of their lives.

We pray for our Families, Lord.  They support us in everything, the good times and the hard times. Let them know how much we appreciate them

We pray for all the staff of St Lawrence’s school who have supported us.  Keep them all safe in your care Lord.

We pray for all the children at St Lawrence’s, Lord.  Be with all the children who are starting or staying at our school. Bless them throughout their years here. 

We will remember the friendships, the times of growth, the fun, the laughter, and the jokes. We will remember how we have supported each other in faith, in hope and in love. May what we have done here be passed on to many others in our lives.

 No matter what the future holds, with God at the centre of our lives we know that we can step forward as young adults in His wonderful world.

We would like to send our very best wishes to all the children who are leaving our school this year.  Love from all the staff at St Lawrence’s.  


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