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St Lawrence’s Prayer Competition

Mrs Hagon; St Lawrence’s RE coordinator tasked every class in school with the task of looking at our school Mission Statement and talking about what our Mission Statement means to us.

We were all then invited to use the words of our Mission Statement to write a prayer which embodies it. Mrs Hagon was inundated with the most beautiful prayers and had the unenviable task of choosing a winner!

Reception class chose to write a prayer together and developed a beautiful class entry which came second in our competition.


Reception class were given a beautiful picture Bible as a prize which they will keep in their class for all of the boys and girls to read.

The winner of the whole school prayer competition was  Alex Benisz in Year 3 who wrote an amazing entry.

The whole school said the prayer for the first time in collective worship.

Alex was given a Bible as a prize.

Well done to our winners and we look forward to saying this prayer for many years to come.

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