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World Book Day!

As part of World Book Day celebrations, KS2 explored four different books during the day.  Miss Davidson chose the Dam, a picture book based on a true story about the building of Kielder Reservoir.
We started the session by discussing change in our lives and how it can be both a good and bad experience.  As we read the story, we began to understand how the lives of those who lived in the village were changed forever by the dam.  A little girl and her father went into each of the homes in the village and she played her fiddle, filling the houses with music, before they were flooded.  We were amazed to discover the story was based on real events – that a village was flooded to make way for the reservoir.
We then considered the positive and negatives of building the reservoir, what it brought to the area and people and what was lost as a result.  We put ourselves in the shoes of a child who lived in the village and drew our lives before and after the dam was built, considering the significant changes children of the time would have experienced.

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