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Advent Liturgical Prayer in Year 4

Advent Liturgical Prayer in Year 4

Year 4 concluded our Advent unit in RE with a lovely liturgical prayer we had planned together.

Our theme has been ‘gift’, so we gathered by bringing a gift that can’t be seen – such as friendship, kindness, or our talents – to the prayer area.

For our scripture we read the story from the Gospel of the Matthew 2:1-18 about how the three wise men discovered the great gift of Jesus had been brought into the world.


We then said a prayer as Charlie brought Jesus – the greatest gift of all – and added him to our Nativity scene, as he will be added to the scene in Church on Christmas day.

We ended by remembering that when we receive a gift it is important to say thank you – our mission is to say thank you today, to our friends, the adults who help us, and especially our families.


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