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Year 3 class trip to Beamish

Year 3 enjoyed a day trip to Beamish open museum, where we learned what life was like during and after the Victorian Era. We had a Victorian school experience where a very strict teacher showed us how to write by dipping into ink. We practised our handwriting, our times tables, recited poetry and drew a picture of a lighthouse with chalk whilst we listened to the story of Grace Darling. The teacher told us what the punishments would be for children in the Victorian era. It is very different to today!

After that we took a tram ride and visited houses and the town which were set in 1913, not long after the Victorian era ended. We learned what life was like in their houses and towns for example no-one had a fridge to keep their food fresh, no-one had central heating so they instead used fires to keep warm and they would need pets to keep mice and rats away.

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