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The Killer Cat in Year 2

During this half term Year 2 have really been enjoying reading; The Diary of The Killer Cat by Anne Fine.

We found out a little about the author; Anne Fine since this was the first book which we have read in Year 2 by this author.

. We made a fact file about Anne Fine.

Before we began to read the story we read the blurb and examined the front cover. We made some prediction about the story saying what we though that it might be about; the title was a dead give away!

We used the text to develop a character profile about Tuffy: the cat in the story. We used our knowledge of adjectives to describe the characteristics of Tuffy and explained with reference to the text, why we had chosen these adjectives to describe Tuffy.

We used our character profile to plan a newspaper article about Tuffy explaining to the public why they should be aware of this ferocious cat!

We enjoyed reading copies of the children’s newspaper; First News to explore the genre of a newspaper article. Year 2 really enjoyed reading these newspapers and there was a lot of discussion around how the presentation of a newspaper article draws your attention to it and encourages you to read it.

We then wrote our newspaper article about The killer Cat, remembering what we had learnt about how newspapers are presented. We made references to the text throughout our articles.

Since reading this book we have read The Return of The Killer Cat which was just as exciting as the first story. We have a number of texts on display by Anne Fine which have been a very popular choice during our quiet reading sessions and have been chosen regularly for our home/school lending library.

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