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Year 2 Visit To Broxfield Farm in Northumberland.

Year 2 took a trip to Broxfield Farm where we learned all about the countryside from the local farmer; Mr. Thompson. Year 2 were very excited as we travelled to the countryside and were able to point out all the animals they saw and describe the rural habitat.


While at the farm we took a ride in a tractor and trailer into the cow’s field where Mr. Thompson taught us all about how the cows live and what he does on the farm.

After a lovely picnic in Mr. Thompson’s own garden, we went into the forest and learned all about nature, we discovered which animals live in the forest and were told all about the different trees that grow there!

It was a very interesting experience for us and quite a few of us fell asleep on our journey home because of all the excitement of the day!

All of year 2 would like to say a big thank you to Mr. Thompson for showing us around his farm for the day!

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