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Year 2 visit the Quayside

Year 2 took part in a fabulous experience yesterday; we visited The Heritage Centre in Gateshead to learn more about The Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle.

We walked along the Quayside on the Gateshead side of The River Tyne and saw the exact spot where the fire began in the Warehouse.

We looked at where the fire spread.

We walked over the Swing Bridge to the Newcastle side of the River to see where the fire spread to after the explosions.

We acted out what happened to the houses; because they were so close together and made of wood they all caught fire very quickly. The fire brigade pulled down some of the houses to stop the fire spreading.

We walked back to the Gateshead side and saw the enormous stones which flew through the air during the fire and fell through the roof of St Mary’s Church.

We ended our session by looking at different articles from the Victorian era, we tried to guess what they might have been used for.

We had a fantastic day and we learnt such a lot.

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