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Year 4 at the Laing

As part of our Autumn art topic, we visited the Laing Art Gallery for a printing workshop. We started by looking around one of the galleries for inspiration. We looked for anything that we thought represented autumn in the pictures. We found leaves, plants, trees, fruit as well as abstract images and colours.

After that, we moved up to the workshop. We started by choosing an autumn image to recreate on our tile template. We then had to overlay the template on top of the Styrofoam tiles and impress the outline of our design onto the tile. Once that was complete, we were ready to get messy! We choose an autumnal coloured piece of paper and either red, purple or green ink. We had to roll the ink onto the tile so it was completely covered then turn the tile over and press it onto our paper. We were able to repeat the pattern using different coloured ink. We made some fantastic Autumn pictures.


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