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Y4 compose an anti-bullying rap

Y4 compose an anti-bullying rap

Year 4 have had a fantastic term in music lessons, composing new lyrics for Joanna Mangona’s anti-bullying rap ‘Stop!’ Here are the verses we composed:

Stop bullying it’s cold as ice

Our differences they add some spice

Come to me to get some advice

And I’ll show you the best way to be nice

I don’t care if he plays Roblox

I don’t care if she has chicken pox

If you bully them then you bully me

Isn’t it better that we’re kind and free?


Put the adaptor in the old bean

Now let me teach you to stop being mean

If someone’s unlike you let them be

We’re all different branches on the same tree


It’s not nice to be mean and cruel

When you bully you look a big fool

If you be mean no one likes you

And you know the right thing to do

Ther e we go, we are done

Now let’s make our schoolyard fun

Let’s go laugh, let’s go run

It’s time to play in the sun

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