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Look at our Writing in Y6!

Last term, Year 6 studied ‘A Christmas Carol’  by Charles Dickens.

Before looking at the actual text, we explored the question: Who was Charles Dickens? We researched his background and considered what life was like for people living in Victorian England.  Dickens was writing during the Industrial Revolution in London and there was a huge contrast between the wealthy and the poor people. How did Charles’ experiences affect his writing?  We looked at lots of books by Dickens and found they all had this common theme.

In the opening chapter to ‘A Christmas Carol,’ we met the character of Scrooge.  He is such a fantastic character that we decided to write a character description.  We collected fantastic words and phrases from the text – adding some of our own – to describe him.  Then we had great fun constructing similes to describe his appearance.  We developed these into PEE (Point, Evidence, Explain) Paragraphs and experimented with our grammar/punctuation focus for the week – relative clauses and semi colons.

Our next step was to plan out our writing, organising the words and phrases we had collected into a structure, and complete a rough first draft in our draft writing book.

After completing our first draft, we edited and improved our work with a green pen, before writing it up in our Writing Book.

After reading further into the text, we discussed why  scrooge disliked Christmas so much and though about how we could persuade him to celebrate Christmas.

We decided to write a persuasive letter, following the same process as our character description: planning, first draft, edit and improve and final write up.

We are extremely proud of our fantastic writing!





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