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Year 6 Transition workshop at Into University.

This morning Year 6 visited Into University for a workshop all about transition into high school.

We learned all about different worries that Year 6 children may have going into high school, but that there are also lots of exciting things that come with this transition!

We participated in different activities to get us feeling ready for high school including:

  • writing a letter to another Year 6 pupil to give them advice as to how to settle into high school and address their fears;
  • thinking about the skills we want to improve at secondary school;
  • looking at an example of a high school timetable and thinking about what ours may look like;
  • checking the resources we will need for different subjects and what we’ll need to make sure we have in our bags.

It was great to hear from lots of different adults who have experienced going into high school and reassure us that all worries are normal but that there are things that we can do to feel prepared and ready.

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