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Monthly Archives: March 2018

A Day at the Farm

On Wednesday 21st March, Year 5 visited Matfen Farm. First we went to the sheep farm, where all of the pregnant ewes were ready for lambing. We were lucky enough to see three lambs being born, with the help of Matthew the shepherd. It was amazing seeing the tiny lambs take their first steps after only a few minutes. Mr Thompson was very knowledgeable and we asked him lots of questions about how lambs are born. We then had time to feed the sheep and we saw some of the older lambs with their mothers, who are nearly ready to go back out into the fields.

After lunch, we went to the fields where the sheep will live and saw some of the natural delights around the farm, including frog spawn, mole hills and a flock of geese down by the river. We had a lovely walk around the grounds. We got to feed the chickens and collect their eggs. We also had time to visit the chapel and even found some of our names in the graveyard. We all had an amazing day and thoroughly enjoyed seeing how a working farm runs with Hugh and Anna, the farmers.


Easter Hat Parade

On Monday at our Liturgy we had remembered the sad part about Easter when Jesus died on the cross. Today we were focussed on the joyous side of Easter with our Easter Hat Parade. The Nursery and Reception children performed some Easter and Spring songs for their parents and families  before showing of their Easter… Continue Reading

Year 5’s Godly Play

On Tuesday 20th March the children took part in a Godly Play session with Mrs Cooper. After greeting the children, she began by telling them the story of the Good Shepherd, which linked to our topic of Memorial Sacrifice. The children did a lot of wondering and asked and answered questions throughout. They were then… Continue Reading

Les Miserables at St Mary’s

Year 5 were lucky enough to be invited to St Mary’s Secondary School to watch their production of Les Miserables. The children, along with other local primary schools, got to see the premiere performance. The show was amazing and the singing was fantastic! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We can highly recommend going… Continue Reading

Godly Play

Mrs Cooper came to tell us a Godly Play story today. We divided into 2 groups and each group had a different story. One story was about the Holy Family and the other one was about Easter. The children sat and listened intently and then took turns to talk about the parts of the story… Continue Reading

Year 5’s Prayer Spaces

On Monday 19th March, Year 5 attended a session in Prayer Spaces, run for the school by the Vineyard Church. The children were able to take part in many interesting activities around the theme of the Good Shepherd. We started by singing a song together then the children chose the activity they wanted to participate… Continue Reading

Newcastle ‘Onside’ football competition

Year 4 really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about important issues such as racism, discrimination, sexism and bullying. Two members from the Newcastle football association came in every Friday afternoon for 5 weeks to discuss these issues and to make children aware of the implications they can have on others. The children received the opportunity to design a… Continue Reading