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Monthly Archives: September 2018

What Does 100 Look Like?

Year 2 have been focusing on the number 100 in our Maths lessons. We have been counting in multiples using a lot of different resources. It was fascinating to see that 100 looks different when we count out different items!

We are getting better at counting forwards and backwards in multiples of 10, 5 and 2.

Open The Book 2018

The Open The Book team have returned to St. Lawrence’s. They visit school each Tuesday and act out  a story from the Bible to Key Stage 1 and then to Key Stage 2. Each session ends with a prayer and a reflection. The first story was the story of Creation. Continue Reading

Basketball Brilliance

  Our Y6 children had a great night at Sport Central. First we played a basketball tournament and our two teams won several matches. Team ‘A’ reached the quarter finals but lost in a shoot out after winning their opening two games. We then watched the Newcastle Eagles win their first game of the season.… Continue Reading

Big Improvements for our Football Team

  Our school football team have already shown vast improvement this season after a difficult start. We lost our first two games: 1-5 to St Alban’s and 0-1 to St Joseph’s (North Shields). However we bounced back with a 2-0 win over St Stephen’s followed by a resounding 8-0 win over Cheviot primary. After realising… Continue Reading

t for toast!

Today the children have been finding out about the phoneme ‘t’. We know that the words turtle, table, tiger, and two all start with the same letter sound (phoneme) ‘t’. But working out that ‘toast’ begins with a ‘t’ is even more ‘tasty’! Luckily the power cut was over by the time we were ready… Continue Reading

Using our hands

The children in Reception have been thinking about different things we can do with our hands. Today we used our hands to squish and squash the clay. We really had to use our muscles to mould the clay into the shapes we wanted! Continue Reading


During Safety Week the Reception children learned how to keep themselves safe from germs by washing their hands carefully. Joanne from the School Health team came and taught us to wash our hands After going to the toilet After stroking pets Before eating a meal When they are dirty from playing After coughing or sneezing… Continue Reading

Reading stories

The Buddies came and spent some time with us on Thursday reading stories.  The older children showed them how to hold books correctly and to turn the pages carefully, they showed them the pictures and pointed to the words as they read – all good skills for the Reception children to see. The Reception children LOVE… Continue Reading