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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Nursery enjoy Circus Stories Programme!

This term, Nursery have enjoyed taking part in a Circus Stories Programme.  They have listened to and joined in with some fabulous stories read by Megan from Seven Stories and they have been taught some new and exciting circus skills such as plate spinning, flower sticks and juggling by Paul from Circus Central.  We have had lots of fun so far and we still have more stories and more skills to learn over the next couple of weeks! Here are some pictures of the children in action!

IMG_0998 IMG_1006

Traditional Tale Stories

Last Term, our Nursery children enjoyed looking at Traditional Tale Stories.  We talked about the different characters and how each story has a beginning, middle and end.   We did lots of exciting activities linked to each story including making up our own characters,  choosing our own ending to the story and tasting yummy gingerbread men. … Continue Reading

Exploring 3D Shapes

Today in Maths, we had our final lesson about the properties of shape!  We thought about 3D representations and recapped the common 3D shapes.  We also spent time discussing the shape of the different faces, the number of edges and vertices for each shape! Following this, we looked at a range of different nets and… Continue Reading