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Monthly Archives: June 2021

The oldest tree in school…

Today, nurture group were tasked with finding the oldest tree in the school grounds. A tree expands by roughly 2 cm a year, so we worked out that if we measured all around the tree trunk and divided the measurement by 2, we could work out the age of the tree. We used tape measures to practise our measuring skills learnt in class this week. Some times we needed two tapes to get all the way around! To our amazement, we found out the oldest tree was roughly 152 years old! Some of the children wondered which was older; their teacher or the tree?


Exploring 3D Shapes

Today in Maths, we had our final lesson about the properties of shape!  We thought about 3D representations and recapped the common 3D shapes.  We also spent time discussing the shape of the different faces, the number of edges and vertices for each shape! Following this, we looked at a range of different nets and… Continue Reading

Circus skills

The children in Reception enjoyed watching a Circus show with Paul form Circus Central and even had a go at doing some plate spinning! Paul will be coming again over the next few weeks to show us more circus skills. Megan from Seven Stories is reading Circus stories to us too. Such fun! Continue Reading