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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Service of Life

In November we have been thinking about the people in our parish and school community who have passed away.

We prayed for them each day in November and hung their names on our Tree of Light.

On 25th November Fr Shaun led a Service of Light for us and our families in the school hall where we remembered all of those who had died.

Each person who had died in our families was remembered during the service. We brought up a light to remember each individual.

We prayed the Hail Mary through Liturgical dance.

We prayed together with our families to remember the deceased.



Technology in Year 2

Year 2 have made some fabulous photograph frames to give to their parents as a gift for Christmas. Our first step was to look at a variety of different types of photograph frames and decide what we would like to make.. We chose the materials which we would like to use to make our frames,… Continue Reading

Year 3 Writing Workshop at Live Tales

On Friday we enjoyed a fabulous story writing workshop at Live Tales, part of Live Theatre, We worked with a team of writers, illustrators, directors and playwrights to create our own story. We had such a wonderful time and impressed the editor, who had originally believed that children couldn’t write exciting stories – we soon… Continue Reading

St Lawrence’s Prayer Competition

Mrs Hagon; St Lawrence’s RE coordinator tasked every class in school with the task of looking at our school Mission Statement and talking about what our Mission Statement means to us. We were all then invited to use the words of our Mission Statement to write a prayer which embodies it. Mrs Hagon was inundated… Continue Reading

KS2 Orchestra

Rehearsals are well underway for St Lawrence’s KS2 Orchestra. We have been rehearsing since the end of October to bring some Christmas cheer through music over the festive period. We have not performed since Christmas 2019 so it feels very special to get back to rehearsing. Orchestra is bigger than ever this year, with children… Continue Reading

Now Press Play!

We have been using a new piece of technology in school this week – Now Press Play!Using a set of unique headphones and a iPad with a transmitter, the whole class are able to listen to, act out and take part in an ‘experience.’ Year 3 ventured back in time to the Stone Age. Year… Continue Reading