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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Year 2 Visit The Grace Darling Museum in Bamburgh

Year 2 have been learning all about significant people in history in or Humanities lessons. In Geography and Science we have been looking at contrasting localities and habitats. We visited Bamburgh to bring to life all that we had learnt.

On our journey we saw all four of the localities which we have been studying in school.

When we got to Bamburgh we visited the Grace Darling Museum and we saw the coble which Grace and her father used for the rescue.

We visited St Aidan’s Church where Grace was baptised and where she is buried.

We also enjoyed playing on the big field in the shadow of the magnificent Bamburgh Castle.

It was a fabulous day. We had some sleeping beauties on the bus on the way back!

Year 2 meet their Penpals

Year 2 have taken part in a fantastic project this year with an initiative called The Linking Project. This is a national project involves schools from contrasting localities becoming penpals. We have been linked withYear 2 at Belsay Primary School. We have been writing to our friends, having regular zooms and celebrating our similarities and… Continue Reading

Global Action Project, litter picking in Year 3!

On Monday we went litter picking using our new little pickers that were purchased with funds from our Global Action Project. We were joined by Rosie, from Global Action Project and Mrs Villalobos from Nurture Group. We managed to collect lots of litter from our nearby church garden. What an achievement! Continue Reading


This week Reception have been learning about doubles. They used tens frames and counts to practically work out double facts to 10. Lots of children were able to instantly recall doubles to 10. Some children even continued their learning in their play by independently writing double calculations   ! Continue Reading

Investigating water transportation in plants in Year 3

This week we have been investigating how water travels through plants. We put white roses into beakers filled with water, and added strong gel food colouring to the water, red, blue and purple. We placed one flower in the fridge, one in a sunny place and one just in the classroom. We thought about how… Continue Reading