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Monthly Archives: February 2023

Liturgical Prayer in Year 2

Today Year 2 ended the half term by taking part in a beautiful Liturgical prayer.

We planned the Liturgy together  using Let Us Pray Together and we enjoyed praying together and singing together. At the end we all made a thumb print to show how we are all unique. We celebrated with a cup cake at the end!

Winter Animals

Reception class have been learning about changes in winter and as part of this learning had some very special visitors in class! The children loved the hands on experience of handling different animals including snakes, spiders, rats, giant snails and cockroaches! The class learnt about how different animals survive in the winter, from hibernation to… Continue Reading

Teddy Bear Hospital

The Teddy Bear Hospital visited Reception class to help us learn about how to stay healthy. Everyone was excited to bring their teddy bears into school to visit the hospital! The children learnt about oral health and hygiene as well as how we can stop germs spreading as part of the experience. Well done Reception! Continue Reading

Lunar New Year

Reception class enjoyed learning about Lunar New Year and how it is celebrated in China. The children worked together to create their own lion mask and performed a dance to music outside. The class also enjoyed sharing some Chinese food and even used chopsticks to eat their noodles. Continue Reading

Children’s Mental Health Week

To mark Children’s Mental Health week, we celebrated, ‘Dress to Express’ day in school. The children were given an opportunity to wear clothes to express their personalities. Some wore clothes they would wear every day, some dressed in fancy dress and we even had our very own Michael Jackson! In addition to this, they did… Continue Reading