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Year 5 visit from a farmer

In a few weeks time, Year 5 will be visiting Matfen Farm in Northumberland to see lambing in progress. Mr. Thompson, the farmer, visited our class today to talk to us about life on the farm, jobs that farming creates, how crops are grown and how animals are reared. Mr. Thompson brought in some wheat, which the children got to mill by hand into flour.

Year 5 Toy workshop

As part of our Design Technology topic, Year 5 designed and made a toy with moving parts. The children learnt about all the different parts inside a moving toy, and the movement they would create. Pupils then designed a polar scene as the front of their toy, and watched with joy as their polar animals… Continue Reading

Year 5- The Anti-Gravity Bottle!

Year 5 have just started their new science topic ‘Forces’. They did an excellent job of explaining why the Ping-Pong ball and water does not fall out of the bottle. Can you work out why? Here is a slightly¬†worried Jesdina to demonstrate and explain…¬† MOV06290 Continue Reading

Gardening Club

Year 5 Gardening Club started this week. The group will be planting a colourful array of wild flowers in the flower beds between the Year 5 and 6 classroom. Today the children chose Snow Drops to plant. They’ll be doing a little bit each week to make the garden look beautiful for Spring. Continue Reading


During Safety Week, Year 5 undertook a research project about internet safety. The class discussed the different forms of social media that they used and its potential dangers. The class split into 5 teams and researched the SMART rules for staying safe on the internet. Using these rules as a basis, the class then wrote… Continue Reading