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Moon Hunt

In Nurture Group this half term we are learning about nocturnal animals. To start off the topic we have been remembering what we know about the phases of the moon. This week, Year 5 nurture group practised their map work to find hidden envelopes in the school garden. Each envelope contained one of the phases of the moon which the group then put into order- lots of great discussions were had getting the order correct.

Community Gardening

Last week, Year 4 Nurture Group started to plant up the EYFS outdoor area with Spring bulbs. We worked with a local community gardening group, learning about what bulbs are, how they grow and the correct way to plant them. The children all worked very hard and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working together with… Continue Reading

Watercolour sunsets

This half term, Nurture Group have been learning about hibernation. We have been learning about why animals hibernation, which ones hibernate and exactly what hibernation is. Did you know for example, that frogs hibernate at the bottom of ponds over Winter? In response, the children have been creating stunning watercolour sunsets with their chosen hibernating… Continue Reading

Languages Day

Last week, the whole school celebrated Languages Day. The theme was food from French speaking countries which made everyone happy! Natalie Paris, a French story-teller performed stories in French to the children, there was a pop-up French cafe in school and each class enjoyed watching a film in French. It was a fantastic day full… Continue Reading