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Film Music in Year 5!

Do you know which composer created the music to these films?

  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • The Dark Knight
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • The Lion King
  • Shark Tale
  • Interstellar
  • Madagascar and Madagascar2

It was Hans Zimmer, a German composer. He is recognised as one of Hollywood’s most innovative talents. He is famous for using traditional orchestra instruments with electronic sounds. Hans Zimmer has composed over 100 film scores. He has received 7 Academy Awards and 7 Grammy Awards. He also has 9 Golden Globe Awards.

Year 5 compared three of his film songs: the main theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, Interstellar and The Lion King. We considered how these songs sound similar and different.

We thought that the Lion King and Interstellar were quite similar as they both have a slow tempo and the dynamics are soft. Pirates of the Caribbean was very different as the tempo was fast with loud dynamics. We thought the music helped to tell the story in each film. We enjoyed listening to each track and identifying the different musical elements.  Here are some quotes from the class:

  • “I was shocked by the Pirates of the Caribbean theme because the dynamics changed from loud to soft very quickly!”
  • “I could hear drums in the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Tune.”
  • “The Lion King theme tune started happy then became tense as it changed to a minor key.”
  • “I could hear voices harmonizing as the Lion King Theme progressed.”
  • “I felt like I was in a dream when I listened to the Interstellar theme tune.”

Odd Socks Day!

On Monday, we celebrated Odd Socks Day, which marked the start of Friendship Week at St Lawrence’s.  We wore odd socks to school to remind us that we are all different, unique and special in our own way!  We also spent time designing our own odd socks. Here are some of our designs! Continue Reading

Wellbeing in Year 5!

Over the Autumn Term, Year 5 have been thinking lots about ways to look after their mental health.  Through Wellbeing Wednesday activities, we have learned great ways to stay ‘mentally healthy’ including breathing exercises, having a positive mindset and developing an attitude of gratitude! We have been using our new found techniques to make sure… Continue Reading

Mr O Visits Year 5

As part of our music curriculum this term, we have been focusing on the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda, in particular his use of Hip-Hop music in his musicals, Hamilton and In the Heights. Mr O visited us to help us explore the genres further through the use of Garage Band. We began by using the… Continue Reading

WAGS Festival 2020

The girls in Year 6 took part in 2020 WAGS Festival, which encourages girls and women into different sporting activities.  We played a range of team games to get warmed up; they were great fun. We split into two teams, Nigeria and Portugal, and played against a number of different schools, winning lots of our… Continue Reading

Newspaper Writing in Year 5!

In Year 5, our first writing focus of 2020 was newspaper reports.  Our reports were based on our brand-new class text, Street Child. We began by studying chapter 2 of Street Child, titled The Stick Man.  As we read, we noted down questions we had about what was happening in the text and why certain… Continue Reading

Lights, Camera, Action!!

Within KS2 we have an amazing Film Club  which is run by ‘Into Film’ which our children can participate in. We have watched many films such as, Inside Out (where we had a great discussion about how important our emotions are to us) Monsters Inc, Madagascar, Minions, The Incredibles, Jumanji and many more. As part… Continue Reading

Hoops 4 Health Tournament 2020

Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in the Year 5 Hoops 4 Health Basketball Tournament at the Newcastle Eagles Community Arena last Friday. We played in small teams against lots of different primary schools in Newcastle, winning many of our games!  Year 5 showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the day; they played to their… Continue Reading