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Year 6 Graduate at Newcastle University

Year 6 pupils graduated on Friday after a week long course of activities centered around WWII,

The children started the day with a tour of Newcastle University campus before presenting  group talk to their families in the Old Library.

The children had studied about WWII heroes Anne Frank, Billy Strachan, Alan Turing and Violette Szabo.

After their presentations they put on the mortar boards and gowns to accept their graduation certificates



Y4 Litter Pick

As a class we talked about different habitats across the globe (desert, mountains, ocean, river, countryside etc) and which species was causing the most problems for other animals – humans! We talked about how in particular our demands for food and computer technology, such as mobile phones or games consoles, has led to huge areas… Continue Reading

Creating Emotional Film Music

Mr Olatunji came into school with his ipads and helped Year 6 compose their own music that conveyed different types of emotion.  He highlighted the incredible work of Hans Zimmer, who has been responsible for scores from films such The Lion King, Gladiator and Pirates of the Caribbean.  We used loops and instrument effects to… Continue Reading

Online Safety Talk for Pupils and Parents

Pupils and carers from Year 5 and 6 listened to a talk in the hall about how children can stay safe online. Internet safety consultant Daniel Tolan explained how families can best to keep youngsters safe and what children should do if there is a problem. The event was very well attended and made everyone… Continue Reading

Science Link-Up with RGS

Years 3, 4 and 5 welcomed students from the Royal Grammar School into their classrooms as part of British Science Week. The A-Level candidates gave each class a 20-minute demonstration in either chemistry, biology or physics before heading off to another set of eager scientists. Their biology experiment saw them extract DNA from a strawberry, Chemistry involved a reaction between… Continue Reading

Using Electricity for Science and Design Technology

Year 6 spent a day exploring electrical circuits before making their own working nightlight. The children used electrical kits to experiment with circuits before looking at how reducing the voltage – through reducing the number of batteries – slowed down a motor and dimmed a lightbulb. They looked at symbols used by scientists and electricians… Continue Reading