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Year 2 VE Day activities

Year 2 continue to work very hard whilst they are at home.

This week the class were asked to complete some activities related to the celebration of 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

The children made bunting to hang up in their houses and gardens.

They also designed VE day menus for a VE celebration meal with their families.

The children continue to work hard at home;

Lots of super English and maths work has been completed by Year 2 boys and girls this week.

The boys and girls are also remembering the importance of exercising in their own gardens and yards.

Finally, a lovely message from Roxanne to her teachers;

Year 2 working from home!

Well done to Year 2 for their hard work over the past two weeks. Here are some of the activities which the children have been completing; Fabulous Rainbows! Year 2 were asked to make a poster showing a message to their friends. Art work and model making. Literacy and Maths activities History work; finding out… Continue Reading

Y6 visit the Theatre Royal

Year 6 were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to see ‘Holes’ at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle.  This is the text we have been studying this term.  This is what some children had to say about it… ‘The acting was excellent – I loved the characters.’ ‘The funniest part was when Stanley was in… Continue Reading

Mr O Visits Year 5

As part of our music curriculum this term, we have been focusing on the work of Lin-Manuel Miranda, in particular his use of Hip-Hop music in his musicals, Hamilton and In the Heights. Mr O visited us to help us explore the genres further through the use of Garage Band. We began by using the… Continue Reading