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Year 2 visit Byker Library!

What an exciting afternoon we had! We visited East End Library on Shields Road, linked to our work on ‘Luna Loves Library Day,’ by Joseph Coelho. Our lovely librarian read a fantastic picture book to us, ‘Luna Loves Art,’ also by Joseph Coelho and part of the ‘Luna’ series. We then got the opportunity to look around the children’s section. Finally, we learnt how to check out a book, the step by step instructions will help us with our next piece of writing. It was so exciting to see and experience the place that Luna loves so much!

Creating Emotional Film Music

Mr Olatunji came into school with his ipads and helped Year 6 compose their own music that conveyed different types of emotion.  He highlighted the incredible work of Hans Zimmer, who has been responsible for scores from films such The Lion King, Gladiator and Pirates of the Caribbean.  We used loops and instrument effects to… Continue Reading

Lights on Cotton Rock in Year 2!

We are really enjoying our first class reader in Year 2, ‘Lights on Cotton Rock,’ by David Litchfield. The story and illustrations area absolutely breath-taking! It’s all about a little girl called Heather who dreams of visiting aliens from outer space. Little does she know that what’s really important is right at home. We have… Continue Reading

Nursery observe the life cycle of a butterfly!

Over the last few weeks, the Nursery children have thoroughly enjoyed looking after our caterpillars and watching them transform into butterflies! . They have observed the changes and learned all about the life cycle from an egg to a butterfly. We have read lots of non fiction and fiction books to help us, including ‘The… Continue Reading

French Lessons

For the last 3 years, our Key Stage pupils have been having a 45 minute French lesson every week. In these lessons, they learn the vocabulary, grammar and phonics of French. They are highly interactive lessons, with each lesson involving some speaking, some listening, some reading and some writing. The progress the children are making… Continue Reading