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Designing, Making and Evaluating Felt Pouches in Year 2!

Year 2 have had lots of fun this week designing, making and evaluating their own felt pouches this week in Design and Technology.
We firstly practised running stitches on paper and then on a scrap piece of felt. Secondly we progressed onto sewing two templates together to make our pouch. We then designed a motif in a contrasting colour which we stuck on our pouches using PVA glue. Finally, we added Velcro to our product so that the pouch can open and close.
We enjoyed evaluating our designs, thinking about what we liked and what we would do differently next time. It was lots of fun to learn how to sew for the first time!

Making Sculptures for Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day 2024, we discussed the importance of looking after our environment and made pledges to reduce the amount of plastic we use. We looked at the work of the artist, Michelle Reader and how she uses recycled materials to create her sculptures. We then made our own monster sculptures using recycled materials. Continue Reading

Year 2’s Performance with the Royal Opera House!

Today, Year 2 gathered with schools all across Newcastle at the Civic Centre to perform our own version of Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute.’ We performed the songs we have been rehearsing, ‘Tamino’s Aria, ‘Walk on Tiptoe, ‘Hm Hm Hm,’ and ‘Papageno’s Aria.’ In addition, we also learnt ‘The Trials Begin,’ and ‘Pa Pa Pa,’ with… Continue Reading

Exploring Primary and Secondary Colours

This week in art, Year 1 has had fun exploring primary and secondary colours. We began by recapping primary colours and then discussed how we can mix the primary colours to get secondary colours. Then we experimented by mixing the primary colours to create a colour wheel. Next, we explored the work of the artist… Continue Reading

KS1 Christmas Play 2023, The Little Red Robin

KS1 have spent this half term learning and rehearsing the Christmas play, ‘The Little Red Robin.’ Every child had a role, either with lines to learn, a dance to perform and songs to sing. Some children played percussion instruments as part of the performance too. Children took part in all aspects of rehearsing and learned… Continue Reading

Making Christmas Puppets in Year 1

In Design Technology this week, Year 1 have made some excellent Christmas puppets. We began by learning how fabrics can be joined together using methods such as gluing, stapling and pinning. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each method and the health and safety considerations. Next, we chose the characters for our puppets. These… Continue Reading