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Finding our brave in Year 3

As a part of Children’s Mental Health Week, and thinking about the motto, ‘Find Your Brave,’ Year 3 looked at the story ‘The Wolf’s Colourful Coat,’ by Avril McDonald. The story encourages children to find their inner strength and to try to be brave when something worries them. In the story, the character Spider showed… Continue Reading

The Big Spell in Key Stage 1.

Years 1 and 2 have enjoyed taking part in The Big Spell during January. Each child has been learning a list of High Frequency words from the phonic phase at which they are currently working. We have planned lots of activities at school in each of our daily phonic sessions to help the children to… Continue Reading

Newspaper Writing in Year 5!

In Year 5, our first writing focus of 2020 was newspaper reports.  Our reports were based on our brand-new class text, Street Child. We began by studying chapter 2 of Street Child, titled The Stick Man.  As we read, we noted down questions we had about what was happening in the text and why certain… Continue Reading

The Killer Cat in Year 2

During this half term Year 2 have really been enjoying reading; The Diary of The Killer Cat by Anne Fine. We found out a little about the author; Anne Fine since this was the first book which we have read in Year 2 by this author. . We made a fact file about Anne Fine.… Continue Reading

Look at our Writing in Y6!

Last term, Year 6 studied ‘A Christmas Carol’  by Charles Dickens. Before looking at the actual text, we explored the question: Who was Charles Dickens? We researched his background and considered what life was like for people living in Victorian England.  Dickens was writing during the Industrial Revolution in London and there was a huge contrast… Continue Reading

Fairytale Reading and Writing in Year 3 – Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne.

In Year 3, we have been enjoying reading Hansel and Gretel by Anthony Browne. We split the story into three parts; the beginning, the middle and the ending. We have discussed in small groups the features of a fairytale and how Browne’s version also includes these conventions. Over this topic, we have developed our skills… Continue Reading