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Year 2 visit the Discovery Museum!

We had a fantastic day at the Discovery Museum today. We took part in two workshops. Firstly, a workshop all about The Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead. Fran, our leader at the museum, told us the story and we acted it out with noises and actions. We even took part in a puppet show to bring the story to life! We then had a look at sources from the Victorian era and had to guess their uses.
Secondly, a Bridge Making workshop. We explored the museum, looking at a map of the Tyne and identifying the bridges. We looked at the engines inside the Swing Bridge and the High Level Bridge, both use hydraulic power! We then had a go and designing and making our own bridges.

Making Sculptures for Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day 2024, we discussed the importance of looking after our environment and made pledges to reduce the amount of plastic we use. We looked at the work of the artist, Michelle Reader and how she uses recycled materials to create her sculptures. We then made our own monster sculptures using recycled materials. Continue Reading

Creating Maps in Year 1

This week in geography we have been drawing maps of the classroom. To do this we used a key with symbols representing the different areas of the classroom. These included: home corner, reading corner, red table, blue table, green table and teacher’s desk. We began by moving large versions of the symbols around on the… Continue Reading

Year 2 trip to Broxfield Farm!

We had an amazing trip to Mr Thompson’s farm, Broxfield, near Alnwick. We started off our trip by exploring our way through his brand new pumpkin patch. It was fascinating to see the seeds inside a pumpkin and to find out how they grow. We then visited the cows in their shed. We learnt that… Continue Reading

Y4 make Greek Amphorae

To round off units in both Art and the Humanities, Year 4 made our very own Greek amphorae this week. We researched Ancient Greet art including the sculpture Discobulus by Myron and the Siren Vase from the British Museum’s collection, before designing and making our own versions. Our pots featured various Ancient Greek subjects including… Continue Reading