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Teddy Bear Hospital Visit Year 2!

We had a wonderful visit from the Teddy Bear Hospital this afternoon! The Teddy Bear Hospital is made up of medical students from Newcastle University. We took part in four different activities: healthy eating and exercise, inside my body, sensory play and what to expect at the doctors or hospital. We arranged the internal organs inside an apron of the body, learnt a little bit of sign language and tried some activities blind folded, to test our senses. We also had a look at some doctor’s equipment including stethoscope, heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor.

Experimenting with rocks in Year 3

Year 3 have really been enjoying their ‘rocks and soils’ science topic. We have looked at different rocks and learned how sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are formed. We experimented on 6 different types of rocks to see how permeable they were and how durable and tough they were. After that, we learned a new skill:… Continue Reading

Year 2 trip to Broxfield Farm!

We had an amazing trip to Mr Thompson’s farm, Broxfield, near Alnwick. We started off our trip by exploring our way through his brand new pumpkin patch. It was fascinating to see the seeds inside a pumpkin and to find out how they grow. We then visited the cows in their shed. We learnt that… Continue Reading

Zoolab Visit Year 1

Today we were visited by Rob from Zoolab. Rob brought different types of animals so that we could understand further how to group them into categories e.g. mammals, reptiles, amphibians etc. He also talked about what the animals eat, using the vocabulary carnivore, herbivore and omnivore herbivore omnivore. What an exciting afternoon!   Continue Reading

Y4 Litter Pick

As a class we talked about different habitats across the globe (desert, mountains, ocean, river, countryside etc) and which species was causing the most problems for other animals – humans! We talked about how in particular our demands for food and computer technology, such as mobile phones or games consoles, has led to huge areas… Continue Reading