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Zoolab Visit Year 1

Today we were visited by Rob from Zoolab. Rob brought different types of animals so that we could understand further how to group them into categories e.g. mammals, reptiles, amphibians etc. He also talked about what the animals eat, using the vocabulary carnivore, herbivore and omnivore herbivore omnivore. What an exciting afternoon!   Continue Reading

Y4 Litter Pick

As a class we talked about different habitats across the globe (desert, mountains, ocean, river, countryside etc) and which species was causing the most problems for other animals – humans! We talked about how in particular our demands for food and computer technology, such as mobile phones or games consoles, has led to huge areas… Continue Reading

Toasting marshmallows

  In our last forest school session for the year, Year 5 Nurture Group brought together many of the skills they have been learning this year: whittling skills, campfire building and campfire lighting. The children are now so skilled that they needed minimal input from Mrs. Villalobos and they independently built a campfire, correctly layering… Continue Reading

Children’s Mental Health Week

To mark Children’s Mental Health week, we celebrated, ‘Dress to Express’ day in school. The children were given an opportunity to wear clothes to express their personalities. Some wore clothes they would wear every day, some dressed in fancy dress and we even had our very own Michael Jackson! In addition to this, they did… Continue Reading