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Reception loved creating a role-play hospital with Mrs Heide in our outdoor learning area as part of our new theme ‘Look What I Can Do’. The children talked about different parts of their body and were super doctors and nurses, helping to treat their friends injuries. The hospital even had an X-Ray department! Well done Reception, Great teamwork!



This week Reception have been learning about doubles. They used tens frames and counts to practically work out double facts to 10. Lots of children were able to instantly recall doubles to 10. Some children even continued their learning in their play by independently writing double calculations   ! Continue Reading


Reception have been learning about patterns. They hunted for patterns in the outdoor area and found lots of repeating, stripes and shape patterns: We also looked closely at natural patterns in tree trunks and logs and created their own observational drawings as well as investigating patterns in honeycomb and representing the pattern using printing techniques.… Continue Reading


Reception enjoyed learning about Easter which is a very special time in the Church’s calendar! They created repeating patterns on Easter eggs: The Easter egg hunt was lots of fun: The children and families created wonderful egg designs for the school competition: Look at the wonderful cards we made in the creative area for our… Continue Reading


It has been very exciting in Reception this week! On Monday we received an incubator and ten eggs from ‘Living Eggs – North East. On Tuesday we observed the eggs hatching and greeted our first chick which the children named Sam I Am. On Wednesday Sam was joined by another eight chicks! On Thursday the… Continue Reading


Reception have been learning about Lent and how it is a time that we can grow just like the flowers and plants.  The children’s ideas included growing to be more kind, helpful or caring. The children thought of their own Lenten promises which they wrote on leaves. The leaves were used to create a Lenten… Continue Reading