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The Tiger Really Did Come for Tea!

We have really enjoyed reading the story, ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. We decided to have our very own tea party. To prepare for it, we wrote lists of what we would need and then wrote invitations. On the day of our tea party, a tiger came to visit. We asked him questions to find out more about his character and why he came to eat all of the food! We then watched ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ together.

The following week, we thought of different adjectives to describe the Tiger’s appearance and personality. We then used our adjectives to write a description of the Tiger on a ‘Wanted’ poster. What fun we have had!


Creating Maps in Year 1

This week in geography we have been drawing maps of the classroom. To do this we used a key with symbols representing the different areas of the classroom. These included: home corner, reading corner, red table, blue table, green table and teacher’s desk. We began by moving large versions of the symbols around on the… Continue Reading

Other Faiths Week: Judaism

Other Faiths Week: Judaism

We celebrated the end of our week of RE work on Judaism with a whole-school assembly this week. Each class, from Reception to Year 6 has spent their their RE lessons this week covering different aspects of the Jewish faith. It was lovely to see the connections growing as we progressed through the presentations. We… Continue Reading

Attendance prize winner at the match!

Attendance prize winner at the match!

Thanks to our friends at Byker Community Trust, school was able to offer a very special prize for our lucky attendance prize winner at the end of last half-term: tickets to St. James’ Park. What is more, they got to see Newcastle United’s triumphant 4-0 win over Crystal Palace. This fantastic experience was truly deserved,… Continue Reading

The Great Teddy Rescue

Last week, Year 1 responded to the story ‘What shall we do Blue Kangaroo?’ At the beginning of the week we received a letter sent by Blue Kangaroo which asked us to find some objects Lily had left behind in school. These objects included a teddy bear, blanket, biscuits and doll. There were some clues… Continue Reading

Zoolab Visit Year 1

Today we were visited by Rob from Zoolab. Rob brought different types of animals so that we could understand further how to group them into categories e.g. mammals, reptiles, amphibians etc. He also talked about what the animals eat, using the vocabulary carnivore, herbivore and omnivore herbivore omnivore. What an exciting afternoon!   Continue Reading