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Year 4 interview Doctor Roberts

As part of our new topic in Humanities, ‘Changing Jobs,’ Year 4 were able to interview hospital paediatrician Dr Roberts today. She told us all about why she had become a doctor, told us about what she enjoys in her job and even gave us some tips about how we can become doctors ourselves (work hard in science!).

Thank you for your time Dr Roberts!

KS2 Choir and Orchestra performance at the Grainger Market

On Tuesday 14th December, our fabulous KS2 Choir and Orchestra performed in the Grainger Market in Newcastle city centre. We performed a twenty minute set twice, with a short break in between. Our KS2 Choir is made up of children from Year 5 and Year 6, and our KS2 Orchestra is made up of children… Continue Reading

KS2 Christmas Carol Service

On Thursday 16th December and Friday 17th December, we are looking forward to performing for our parents and guardians. Every class in KS2 has worked so hard to learn carols, sing in a group, learn readings and also learn hand actions to complement the carols.Children in Year 6 have also learnt readings for part of… Continue Reading

Year 4 Christingles

Year 4 Christingles

This afternoon, Year 4 made the traditional German Christmas decoration the Christingle. The Christingle is full of lovely symbolism: the orange represents the world, the red ribbon Jesus’ blood; the four cocktail sticks represent the four seasons and the four points of the compass, while the sweets remind us of the fruits of the Earth,… Continue Reading

Watercolour sunsets

This half term, Nurture Group have been learning about hibernation. We have been learning about why animals hibernation, which ones hibernate and exactly what hibernation is. Did you know for example, that frogs hibernate at the bottom of ponds over Winter? In response, the children have been creating stunning watercolour sunsets with their chosen hibernating… Continue Reading

Baking day

Baking day

As the finale of our Design and Technology unit, Year 4 made our bread rolls today. We began by making sure all of our hands and equipment were clean, then we mixed… kneaded…     shaped..,. and proved our flavoured breads. After Gillian in the kitchen had kindly baked our bread buns for us, we… Continue Reading

KS2 Orchestra

Rehearsals are well underway for St Lawrence’s KS2 Orchestra. We have been rehearsing since the end of October to bring some Christmas cheer through music over the festive period. We have not performed since Christmas 2019 so it feels very special to get back to rehearsing. Orchestra is bigger than ever this year, with children… Continue Reading