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Butterfly Bonanza!

The two Year 1 bubbles have been doing lots of Science work about life cycles.

The most exciting part of our work has been watching the life cycle of a butterfly unfold before our very eyes!

We started off with 30 caterpillars and we put them into pots with food and we waited. The caterpillars transformed into cocoons.

Then we transferred the caterpillars after a week to the butterfly net and we waited patiently!

After another week we began to see the butterflies emerge from their cocoons. It was fascinating! We left fruit for the butterflies to eat.


After a couple of days we released them into our school garden.

We even gave some of the butterflies names; Sunset,Rosie, Steve, Rocky,Michael Jackson, Daisy, Sophie Rose and Diamond to name but a few!

What a fantastic experience for us all; we’ve learnt such a lot!

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