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Catch Up Plan 2020-2021

After assessing the children on their return from school following lockdown, it is clear that the highest impact has been on our younger children in Y1 and Y2. Noticeably, our Reception children are also behind where we would expect them to be. We truly believe that from experience, a strong grasp of reading, phonics and basic Maths skills provides a gateway to the wider curriculum and significantly increases a confidence among the children.

Therefore, our focus will be on:
1. Improving early Reading, Including Phonics up to Y3.
2. Identifying gaps for individuals and small groups in reading, reading comprehension and Maths and then seek to address these gaps.
3. Improve staffing provision in EYFS
4. Ensure Y6 have the best possible chance of being prepared for the transition to Secondary School
5. Providing excellent training so that quality first teaching improves.

Having read the EEF recommendations on efficient spending of the Premium, we have decided to seek to add teaching capacity among our staff who we know have proven qualities in improving the areas that we have identified. The teachers will state which pupils need additional support and intensive support. SLT will then plan and formalise the teaching timetable, with a focus on short repeated sessions each week for the pupils concerned.

Please download and read our full catch up plan