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Reflecting on Our Mission Statement 2016

In 2016 St Lawrence’s School developed a new Mission Statement in consultation with Staff, Parents and Children. We wanted a Mission Statement which would illustrate what we believe is important to us all.

We have a fantastic new Mission Statement which is displayed all around our school and lived out by everyone who is involved with our school.

In October 2016 we celebrated our new Mission Statement by having our Mission Statement Day. Each class explored a different part of the Mission Statement and spent the whole day involved in activities related to this. At the end of the day we all came together and told each other about the things which we had learnt.

It was a spectacular end to a really interesting day, Reception class sang a beautiful song to illustrate the word kindness. Year 1 told us about how we should treat one another. Year 2 looked at the word Love through St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. Year 6 showed us a super drama about how to be tolerant.

We have displayed our work right in the entrance to school to remind us of this wonderful day and to remind us to live out our Mission Statement.

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