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Year 5 Class Liturgy- Ourselves



The children planned our class liturgy yesterday and we held it in the hall this afternoon. For the first part of the liturgy; Gather, we gathered in a circle around a focal point that included photographs of all of the children. We reflected on who we are and the gifts and talents we have. We know we are special because we are made in the image and likeness of God. The children shared some of the work they have covered throughout this topic.

During the next part of the liturgy; the Word, we listened to the scripture from Colossians 3: 10-11. In it we are told that God made us all just to be like God and that we are God’s children.

For our Response to the word, the third section of the liturgy, the children chose to sing ‘If I were a butterfly’ as they thought the words about thanking God for making me me were relevant to our topic.

We finished our liturgy by thinking about Going Forth. We all reflected on our talents and qualities and shared these as we passed a candle around the circle. We ended our time of prayer together by praising God who made us all to be like God.

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