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Visit from Rt Hon Nick Brown MP

The Rt Hon MP Nick Brown took time out from his busy schedule to give a talk to our children earlier this week.
We were hugely honoured and grateful that Nick was able to come into our school and talk about his background and his job. The children sat very attentively and asked a series of intelligent questions. Nick discussed the importance of having high aspirations and encouraged the children to follow their dreams. He talked about how life is full of setbacks and that the children should not be put off by the obstacles that life throws at them.

He told them that they must be determined and work hard to gain the bright future that they deserve.
Nick also told us about some of the fierce debates that he has as part of his job – but made sure that the children knew that people were entitled to different points of view and that we should respect them but not be afraid to disagree. He reinforced our message in school that we should always respect others and accept differences.

Having a disagreement with someone does not make them a terrible person and we should always respect difference.

He also took time out to meet our school council and was able to offer some sage words of wisdom and encouragement.

Nick told me afterwards that he was hugely impressed by the children’s behaviour and the thoughtful and fearless nature of their questions. Once again it was another day where our children made all of the staff hugely proud. And thanks once again to Nick for giving up his time.

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