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Year Five Trip to Maften Farms

Year 5 had a fantastic experience with a trip to Maften Farms in the middle of lambing season.
The children were shown around the sheep pens and witnessed at least three live births. It was quite a moving experience for some of the children who described it as ‘spectacular’ and even ‘majestic.’ I definitely think we had some converts to the country way of life.

After a well earned lunch, the children were hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland as they were shown around the magnificent grounds of Maften Farms. Highlights included a trip to the chicken pen, a visit to the castle and a chance to groom Jessie, the Shetland Pony.
The children’s behaviour was exemplary throughout and they were extremely grateful to Mr David Thompson of the Countryside Trust for arranging the trip and continuing to be a great friend to the school.

The Duke and Duchess were also extremely kind to us and answered a myriad of questions from the children with great patience and understanding.

It was a super day where the children did themselves proud once again.

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