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Year 4 Full of Busy

Year 4 have had an extremely busy half term with lots of visits and visitors coming into school.

Our Roman topic has kept us extremely busy. We visited Segedunum and it involved training like Roman soldiers, handling Roman objects and looking at the remains of the Roman fort there.

We also dressed up as Ancient Britons, as well as painting our arms with Celtic designs, making bracelets and learning about the gods they worshipped.

Back in school we had a visit from Maximus – a Roman General. He made sure we knew exactly how hard it was to be a Roman soldier. We also built a Merel board and played this Roman game with partners. It is a bit like noughts and crosses on a round board. Finally we made Roman necklaces with symmetrical patterns.

We have also found time to fit in a trip to Mr Thompson’s farm in Northumberland as part of our topic about humans and animals.

We looked at how wheat grows and cows are farmed. We discovered that cows have 4 stomachs and produce litres of saliva to help them digest the grass they eat.

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