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Y5 Business Entrepreneurs

Year 5 are currently participating in a project with the Newcastle Building Society in which they are working as teams to produce a concept to raise money for their own chosen charity.

The children must choose a charity, come up with a fundraising plan, budget the costs of their ideas, decide a marketing strategy, write a proposal and pitch their ideas in the form of a presentation to a panel of Newcastle Building Society experts.

The two winning teams will go head to head and one will be chosen to go head to head against winning teams from other schools.

As part of our involvement with Newcastle Building Society, some of the students from Year 5 were asked to be involved in the burying of a time capsule in the foundations of the brand new Newcastle Building Society headquarters in Newcastle City Centre.

They took with them a copy of our school newspaper which has buried in the time capsule to represent our school in 2016!

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